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// objective: test the \parblock command
// check: 054__parblock_8cpp.xml

/** @file */

 call by target-specific code to manage resources required by the client.

 @param[in]  client    ID of client requesting resource.
 @param[out] resource  Requested resource
 @param[in]  parblock  @parblock This is a test for the \@parblock

                       A list if values for the parblock param:
                       - Item 1. This is short one-line description.
                       - Item 2. This is a long bullet item;
                         sometimes they wrap on multiple lines like this

                       This is the second paragraph description for the
                       \@parblock parameter. Always end the text inside
                       the \@parblock command with an \@endparblock
 @param[out] test      This is a test parameter for this function to see if
                       it is included in the parameter table
 @param[in]  p         @parblock First paragraph of the param description.

                       Second paragraph of the param description.
void function(int client,int *resource,int parblock,int *test,int p);