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#if (defined(__APPLE__) || defined(macintosh)) && !defined(DMG_BUILD)
#include <AvailabilityMacros.h>
// this hack doesn't seem to be needed on El Captain (10.11)
// define this before including iconv.h to avoid a mapping of
// iconv_open and friends to libicon_open (done by mac ports),
// while the symbols without 'lib' are linked from /usr/lib/libiconv
#include <iconv.h>

// These functions are implemented in a C file, because there are different
// versions of the iconv() prototype, some with a const pointer and some
// without. In C this is just a warning, but in C++ breaks the compilation.
// Looking at the LIBICONV_VERSION is not enough, since for MACOSX the 
// const and non-const version exist with the same version of the file.

void * portable_iconv_open(const char* tocode, const char* fromcode)
  return iconv_open(tocode,fromcode);

size_t portable_iconv (void *cd, char** inbuf,  size_t *inbytesleft, 
                                 char** outbuf, size_t *outbytesleft)
  return iconv((iconv_t)cd,inbuf,inbytesleft,outbuf,outbytesleft);

int portable_iconv_close (void *cd)
  return iconv_close((iconv_t)cd);