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This short howto explains how to add support for a new language to Doxygen:

Just follow these steps:

1) Tell me which language you want to add support for. If no one else
   is already working on support for that language, you will be 
   assigned as the maintainer for the language. I'll create a 
   list on Doxygen's homepage, so everyone knows who is doing what.
2) Create a copy of translator_en.h and name it 
   I'll use xx in the rest of this document.
3) Edit language.cpp:
   - Add a #include<translator_xx.h> 
   - In setTranslator() add
     else if (L_EQUAL("your_language_name"))
       theTranslator = new TranslatorYourLanguage;
     after the if { ... }
4) Edit and add translator_xx.h to the HEADERS line.
5) Edit translator_xx.h:
   - Change TRANSLATOR_EN_H to TRANSLATOR_XX_H (in both the #include line and
     the #define line).
   - Change TranslatorEnglish to TranslatorYourLanguage 
   - In the member idLanguage() change "english" into the name of your
     language (use lower case characters only). Depending on the language you
     may also wish to change the member functions latexLanguageSupportCommand()
     and idLanguageCharset().
   - Edit all the strings that are returned by the members that start
     with tr. Try to match punctuation and capitals!
     To enter special characters (with accents) you can:
        a) Enter them directly if your keyboard supports that and you are 
           using a Latin-1 font.
           Doxygen will translate the characters to proper Latex and
           leave the Html and man output for what it is (which is fine, if
           idLanguageCharset() is set correctly).
        b) Use html codes like &auml; for an a with an umlaut (i.e. รค).
           See the HTML specification for the codes.
6) Run configure and make again from the root of the distribution, 
   in order to regenerate the Makefiles.
7) Now you can use OUTPUT_LANGUAGE = your_language_name 
   in the config file to generate output in your language.
8) Send translator_xx.h to me so I can add it to doxygen.
   Send also your name and e-mail address to be included in the
   maintainers.txt list.

Good luck, and let me know if there are problems.