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<section id="sec-music">
<title>Musical Notation</title>

<para>Dblatex does not itself present musical notation.  Of course,
images of musical scores can be incorporated into dblatex output as
can any other sort of images.  For a more comprehensive solution which
better integrates the typesetting of text with musical notation the
LilyPond project (<ulink url=""/>) provides a
facility for including musical notation within DocBook documents.
LilyPond provides a program, <command>lilypond-book</command>, that
pre-processes DocBook documents containing LilyPond musical notation
and which can automatically invoke <command>dblatex</command> to
produce PDFs integrating musical notation with text.</para>

<!-- It would be nice to use <citation> here instead of <quote>. -->
<para>Information regards <command>lilypond-book</command> is, at
present, found in LilyPond's <quote>Usage</quote> manual, the
<quote>Running lilypond-book</quote> chapter, the <quote>Integrating
music and text</quote> section.</para>