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* Bugs:
Asserter::makeNotEqualMessage() strip the shortDescription of the additional message.

* CppUnit:
  - STL concept checker.
  - Memory leak tracking: setUp/tearDown should be leak safe if no failure occured.

* UnitTest
  - add tests for XmlOutputter::setStyleSheet (current assertion macro strip <?...> when
    testing )

* VC++ TestRunner:
  - Modify MfcUi::TestRunner to expose TestResult (which allow specific TestListener
    for global initialization).
  - Update MfcTestRunner to use TestPath to store test in the registry
* Documentation:
	- how to create simple test cases (with CppUnit namespace)
	  - test case using only CPPUINT_ASSERT
	  - test case using CPPUNIT_ASSERT_EQUAL
	  - advanced assertions with the CPPUNIT_ASSERT_MESSAGE
	- Helper Macros for convenience
	- Creating a suite
	- Composing a suite from more suites (i.e. compose tests for n modules to
	  form a big test for the whole program)
	- customizing output using an user defined TestListener
	  - how to write the TestListener (subclass of TestListener)
	  - how to hook it in
	- how to use the GUI
	  - MSVC++ special stuff
	- other custmization stuff I haven't understood yet

	CppUnit: architecture overview.