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Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Questions relating to CppUnit

1.1) Isn't there an easier way to write unit tests than using TestCaller ?

   Yes, there is. Macros have been created to take care of the repetitive 
work. Look up include/extensions/HelperMacros.h in CppUnit documentation. 
Most of CppUnit test suite is also written that way since they remain 
compatible as CppUnit evolve.

2) Questions related to Microsoft Visual VC++

2.1) Why does the compiler report an error when linking with CppUnit library?

   You most likely are not using the same C-RunTime library as CppUnit.
   In Release configuration, CppUnit use "Mulithreaded DLL".
   In Debug configurations, CppUnit use "Debug Multihreaded DLL".
   Check that Projects/Settings.../C++/Code Generation is indeed using
the correct library.
2.2) Why does CppUnit generate warning 4786:... when compiling ?

   I really don't have a clue. All CppUnit's headers starts by either
including Portability.h or another CppUnit's header. Portability.h includes
config-msvc6.h which disable that specific warning. The warning is generated
by TestFactoryRegistry::m_factories. A solution to this problem is welcome.