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Fri Oct 20, 2017: Released Check 0.12.0
  2017-10-20 10:00:00 +0000
  based on hash c472c743d7c9f01ae9ea6a0e8e08132251b62abd

* Fix out-of-tree builds with CMake.
  Issue #86

* Fix issue found with Clang regarding invalid suffix on a literal
  Issue #110
* Check now responds to a few errors in a more clear way when it cannot run tests.
  PR #122, #123

* Fix missing pid_t definition in check.h on Windows
  Issue #78

* The maximum message size of check assertions is now configurable.
  Issue #127

* Check support added for Visual Studios 2010, 2012, 2013, 2015, and 2017 both for x86/64 and ARM.
  PR #129, Issue #125

* Changed license of example CMake files to BSD (was previously LGPL).
  Issue #131

* Fix issue with floating point macros on MinGW
  Issue #101

Sat Dec 17, 2016: Released Check 0.11.0
  2016-12-17 15:00:00 +0000
  based on hash 7c9cfb4b13124b93a63e60b3c681c2bf4f2723ce

* Avoid issue in unit test output checking where a shell's built-in printf
  command does not work properly, but the printf program itself is correct.

* Emit only valid XML characters in XML logging (assumes ASCII encoding).
  Bug #103

* Add LGPL header to files where it was missing; update FSF address in LGPL headers
  Bug #110

* Strip timestamps from examples using filterdiff if available. This
  allow build output to be reproducible.
  Bug #112

* Use double slash for regular expressions in checkmk for better Solaris support.

* Improve CMake build files for better Visual Studio 2015 support.
  Pull Request #19

* Fix potential SIGSEGV in Check related to the disk filling up during a test.
  Pull Request #21

* Support added for applying tags to test cases and selectively running
  test cases based on tags.
  Pull Request #44

* Macros for comparing memory regions (ck_assert_mem_eq, ck_assert_mem_ne)
  have been added.
  Pull Request #64

* Macros for comparing floating point numbers have been added.
  Pull Request #69

* Macros for comparing string, but allowing for NULL (ck_assert_pstr_eq,
  ck_assert_pstr_ne) have been added.
  Pull Request #80

* Macros for checking if a pointer is NULL or not have been added.
  Pull Request #87

Sun Aug 2, 2015: Released Check 0.10.0
  based on r1217 (2015-08-02 19:21:14 +0000)

* CMake on MinGW and MSVC was unable to find time related types because
  time.h was not included. This header is now included for the checks.
  Patch #53.

* If the test runner process catches a SIGTERM or SIGINT signal the running
  tests are now also killed.
  Patch #52.

* If Check is compiled without support for fork(), the behavior of
  functions which require fork() to be useful have been changed.
  Functions that attempt to set CK_FORK mode are no-ops,
  check_fork() returns in failure, and check_waitpid_and_exit()
  exits in failure.

* Add space around operators in assert messages for readability.
  Bug #102.

* Use mkstemp() if available instead of tmpfile() or tempnam().
  Patch #51.

* Fix issue with string formatting in ck_assert(), where using
  the % operator would be interpreted as a string formatter. Bug #96.

* In nofork mode, the location of a failed assertion within a test
  case was lost if that test case has a checked teardown fixture
  (even if that fixture function is empty). This is now fixed.
  Bug #99

Sat July 26, 2014: Released Check 0.9.14
  based on r1174 (2014-07-03 18:43:49 +0000)

* Changes to (unofficially for now) support Solaris and AIX platforms.

* Fix issue with checked teardown functions in CK_NOFORK mode. If
  the teardown function called an assertion that failed, an
  infinate loop would result. Bug#98. As a result of the change, for now
  checked teardown functions that fail in CK_NOFORK mode will
  not cause the test to fail.

* Allow checked fixtures when compiled without fork(). Previously
  such setup/teardown functions were disabled, as the full contract
  for checked fixtures could not be honored. Checked fixtures
  in CK_NOFORK mode are now closer to the contract, and are now

* Various code cleanup, including changes for compiling Check on
  c++ compilers Clang and g++ (which are less forgiving than their
  c counterparts).

* Re-enable internal unit tests, which verify which line numbers are
  reported for unit test failures. (The tests were unintentionally
  disabled in a previous release).

Fri May 30, 2014: Released Check 0.9.13
  based on r1137 (2014-05-26 21:03:09 +0000)

* When a test assertion fails, exit() was invoked. This results in any
  registered exit handlers being invoked. A test should not be relied
  upon to clean up if it fails. Instead, _exit() will be used to signal
  a test failure, to prevent exit handlers from being invoked.

* Fix issue with string formatting in ck_assert_(u)int_* calls, where using
  the % operator would be interpreted as a string formatter. Bug #96.

* If the LOG/XML/TAP file name is set to "-" either through the
  srunner_set_log() srunner_set_xml() or srunner_set_tap() calls
  or through the related environment variables, the logged data will be
  printed to stdout instead of a file. This is mainly to support using TAP
  for fixtures which expect the results to be reported via stdout. However,
  it is available via all of Check's logging modalities.

* For CMake builds, check_stdint.h was not being installed. This is now

* Check's example under doc/example now also works for CMake projects
  using Visual Studios and MSVC. This includes an example CMake

Mon Jan 20, 2014: Released Check 0.9.12
  based on r1054 (2014-01-16 23:08:03 +0000)

* Additional unit tests created for internal and external Check

* Check now compiled on Windows using MSVC when using CMake and
  NMake. All unit tests pass, though shell script based ones need
  to be run in the MSYS environment.

* Check now compiles on Windows using Visual Studio 10
  when using CMake. check_check passes when run from Visual Studios.

* Always capture the start and end times of tests when using
  NO_FORK mode. Previously the end time was not captured,
  resulting in arbitrary durations being recorded when tests
  failed. Bug #87.

* Added additional configure script checks for support of
  timer_create() on the target system. This allows for
  OpenBSD to compile and run all Check's unit tests successfully. 

* Added a unit test, check_mem_leaks, which can be used against
  valgrind to test for memory leaks. No memory leaks were found.

* Added tcase_add_loop_test support in checkm. Patch from patches #46. 

* Add support for logging in Test Anything Protocol (TAP) format.

* Refactor Check's assertions to be more like the assert() call in
  assert.h, in that static source code analyzers can use gcc attributes
  in the header to make assumptions about the flow of the code. See
  feature request #29.

* fix ck_assert_ptr_* causing const compilation warnings. Patch from
  bug #91.

Wed, Nov 4, 2013: Released Check 0.9.11
  based on r856 (2013-11-04 02:09:21 +0000)

* Check's unit tests pass when compiled out of the source tree.

* Check compiles for Windows using the MinGW/msys environment (without using fork), and all unit tests pass.

* Check compiles for Windows using the Cygwin environment, and all unit tests pass.

* Check compiles for Windows using MinGW in Linux (without using fork), and all unit tests pass using wine 1.4.

* Check compiles for Windows using MinGW-w64 in Linux (without using fork), and all unit tests pass using wine 1.4.

* On systems without timer_settimer, use setitimer (if available) to get
  subsecond unit test timeouts. If setitimer is unavailable, fallback
  on alarm.

Thu, Apr 18, 2013: Released Check 0.9.10
  based on r743 (2013-04-18 11:27:03 +0200)

* Support 64bit int for __ck_assert_int. Patch from bug #3599471

* Add equivalent uint variants for __ck_assert_int. Patch from bug #3600433.

* Detect if the system has a C99 compliant version of the printf related
  functions for check to use, and if not use an implementation provided by

* Updated HACKING and release procedure in

* Detect if the system has clock_gettime() available, and if not use an
  implementation provided by check. clock_gettime() is used to measure
  test durations. The implementation for OSX uses OSX specific system calls 
  to get the time. For all other systems, clock_gettime() does nothing.

* Updated documentation in check.h to reference new check API.

* Remove usage of deprecated fail(), fail_if(), and fail_unless() calls from
  check's unit tests.

* Fix implementation of putenv in check's libcompat for systems that do not
  provide it.

* Fix implementation of unsettenv in check's libcompat for systems that do
  not provide it. 

* Improvements to the new Check API: new comparison functions for pointers:

* Test timeouts can now be in nanosecond precision. The tcase_set_timeout
  variables now can accept floating point arguments.

* Cleanup compile warnings, patch #3579199 on SF.

* Renamed Check's internal list functions to start with check_, patch #3448601 on SF.

Mon, Oct 22, 2012: Released Check 0.9.9
  based on r637 (2012-10-22 13:54:14 +0200)

* Measure test duration and print in XML output.
  Feature request #3521371 on SF, but reimplemented.

* Added contrib/XML_for_JUnit.xsl from feature request #3521371 on SF.

* Added support for setting log files via environment variables.
  Patch #3576713 on SF.

* Added better pkg-config and subunit support, patch #3417041 on SF.

* Make tests/ bourne shell compatible, bug #3472578 on SF.

* Added ck_ prefix to mutex_lock variable, to avoid name clash on Solaris.
  Solves bug #3472574 on SF.

* In autoconf, request system extensions to generate 64-bit safe code,
  solution from patch #2803433 on SF.

* Fix for mutex deadlock when killing threads, patch #3564640 on SF.

* Make XML output well-formed, solution from patch #3575642 on SF.
  Solves bug #3485651 also.

* Fix buggy duration calculation, bug #3575451 on SF. 

* A more complete CMake / MSVC patch for those interested in pursuing
  Windows development with Check and Visual Studio.  See

* Added instructions for improving the speed and output of `make
  check' when using Automake.  See contrib/improved_make_check/.

* Added a chapter in the documentation for selective running of tests.

* Changed how the message pipe is read. Before, the whole file was copied to
  RAM with realloc, giving problems with huge allocations for repetetive
  tests, the problem was visible for a specific GStreamer test case.

* Improvements to the new Check API: documentation, macros that allow
  multiple evaluation, unit tests, and new
  ck_assert_(str|int)_(lt|le|gt|ge) comparison functions.

* Made the new Check API primary and use it to define macros from old Check API

* Added checkmk, a tool for reducing "boilerplate coding" when writing
  unit tests with check.

* Added xslt link to xml output, added display of iteration field into xslt
  stylesheet and moved it to directory accessible from web page root

* Added longjmp to fail function to ensure that no code will be executed in test
  function after failed assertion

* Fix dead assignments and several possible NULL pointer dereferences

Tue, Sep 22, 2009: Released Check 0.9.8
  based on r559 (2009-09-23 21:00).

* Fix CHECK_MICRO_VERSION, left at 6 in 0.9.7 by mistake.

Tue, Sep 22, 2009: Released Check 0.9.7
  based on r552 (2009-09-22 09:26).

* Added CK_SUBUNIT support for outputting test information in the subunit wire
  protocol. See the check manual for more information. (Contributed by Robert

* Added code and tests for timeout scaling via environment variable.
  Feature requested in tracker item #1549835 on sourceforge.

* Added documentation for testing exit values with tcase_add_exit_test().

* Add make_macros perl script from somebody (who?)

* add type to check_type error message

* add contrib dir with xslt transform

* function exist testing support (patch #1726574).

* introduce HAVE_WORKING_SETENV to protect tc_timeout_env usage

* support running tests with multiple pthreads (Daniel Gollub, closes 1391527)

* partial MSYS/MinGW support

Mon, Dec 29, 2008: Released Check 0.9.6
  based on r453 (2008-12-01 22:14:15).

* 'make distcheck' does not work out of the box. Disable the two
  top lines in doc/ and it shall pass. Will have to
  be fixed later.

* add call to AC_REPLACE_FUNCS([strsignal])
* add new rpl_strsignal following rpl_(re)malloc template, body
  of function due to Roland Illig
  -- hopefully closes 1629755

* add missing NULL argument to fail* varargs macro calls
* define incorrect tests for __GNUC__ only
   -- both per Roland Illig in bug 1677391

* define CK_ATTRIBUTE_UNUSED for GCC >= 2.95, closing:
  [ 1674626 ] compile error with non defined __attribute__ compiler

* Fixed error in documentation example, bug #1888237

* Fixed spelling (patch #1652630)

* Handle NULL in srunner_add_suite(). Fixes #1624887

* add CK_FORK_GETENV to enum fork_status and delete CK_FORK_UNSPECIFIED

* call strdup on result from strsignal to avoid clobbering it
* add Torok Edwin to AUTHORS

* add CK_TEST_RESULT_INVALID to enum test_result

* add CK_CTX_INVALID to ck_result_ctx and don't use -1 anymore

* count checks in setup() as well; patch due to Roland Stigge

* use int __attribute__((unused)) _i instead of
      int _i __attribute__((unused))
  per gcc-3.3.5 request from Sebastian Trahm

* rename signal to _signal in _tcase_add_test to avoid a
  symbol clash with /usr/include/sys/signal.h on OS X.

* define rpl_malloc and rpl_realloc for platforms where
  !malloc(0) and !realloc(0,0), such as AIX, because configure
  goes and redefines malloc/realloc in this case...

* SVNChangeLog patch from Robert Collins

* Incorporated patch from Debian for debian bug #395466. This fixes
   'AM_PATH_CHECK causes "possibly undefined macro" errors'.

* Added new Check fail API. Implemented on top of fail_unless. Future
  versions will reverse this so fail_unless is implemented on top of the
  ck_assert API. This API is not documented yet, will probably not be fully
  released until 0.9.8, when it will be possible to choose API.

Tue, Nov 21, 2006: Released Check 0.9.5

* Fixed code coverage support to work with gcc4 and buggy libtool.

* Changed loop test iteration variable from i to _i.  Added example of
  loop test usage to documentation.

* Fixed distcheck target by adding SVNChangeLog to EXTRA_DIST.

* Fixed signal string problem in tests.  Strings differed between
  OSes, now we use strsignal().  Fixes Sourceforge bug #1539828. 

* Fixed problem with process group ID, especially visible on Solaris
  and LynxOS.  Fixes Sourceforge bugs #1407360 and #1539828.

Fri, Oct 13, 2006: Released Check 0.9.4

* Updated manual and converted from DocBook to Texinfo.

* Added pkg-config support.

* Added Libtool support to build both static and shared libraries.

* Removed debian/ and rpm/ directories for building packages.
  Downstream maintainers can easily handle this.

* Updated GNU Build System to use modern Autotools.

* Fixed sourceforge bug #1327225, two teardown checked fixtures

* Added a new kind of test, looping tests, which are called with a new
  context for each loop iteration. This makes them ideal for table
  based tests. Previously, with the loop in the test itself, only the
  first error was caught and then the test would exit. Now all errors
  are shown at once which should help in debugging

* Added possibility to turn off timeout tests in check's own unit tests
  through configure option --disable-timeout-tests.

* Added coverage analysis for check's own unit tests.

Thu, Aug 25, 2005: Released Check 0.9.3

Applied debian patches from debian maintainer.

Fixed documentation bug #1216502.

gcc 2.95.3 compatibility fixed (patch #1161654, bug #1211672).

Messaging refactored to make it  work with forking tests, and also with
threading tests on linux 2.4. Added check_fork and check_waitpid_and_exit
to be used for forking tests. (bug # 1233585)

Timeout error message changed (feature request #1121452, bug #1160305).

Fix check.spec for fc3 x86_64 (patch #1111782)

Fri, Nov 12, 2004: Released Check 0.9.2

Use strsignal to print describing text for signals.
Documented signals handling and timeouts.
Changed failure message for fail_if.
Added support for timeouts on tests, enabling detection of eternal loops.
Changed name on function list_create to check_list_create to avoid name clash.
Applied ANSI C99 patch (#1047014) for macro var args.
Cleaned up the self test verification to simplify merging of new tests.
Fixed debian and rpm targets

Added support for testing on expected signals. Implementation courtesy of
Lucas Di Pentima and Cesar Ballardini. 

Fri, Sep 3, 2004: Released Check 0.9.1

Updated tutorial with new features.
Added support for XML output of the test results, courtesy of Frederic Peters.
Fixed setup bug from forum, failure in setup did not abort test in nofork mode.
Applied varargs patch (#933411) and added test cases.
Applied fail_if (#709167) patch.
Applied 'newbies' patch #995028 for autoconf doc.
Applied doc patch #995028 from Bill Barnard.
Fixed portability problems tests by changing == to =.
Changed copyright according to bug report.
Applied patch 796705. Replacing _exit with exit.
Applied patch for bug 793671.

Mon, May 17, 2004: Released Check 0.9.0

Run fixture teardowns in reverse order to setup
Plugged some memory leaks.
Added test name to log outputs.
Applied patch (802160) for distcheck bug (579604).
Fixed log printouts for nofork mode.
Updated documentation and converted to DocBook.

Added a new print mode, CK_ENV, that gets the print mode from the
environment variable CK_VERBOSITY.

Made tcase_free and suite_free static. This may break existing test
programs. Everything is now freed when srunner_free is called.

Mon Oct 21, 2002: Released Check 0.8.4

Fixed pipe issues.
Allow to use check.h from C++.
Plugged some memory leaks.

Fri May 24, 2002: Released Check 0.8.3

Fixed various build problems. Fixed a problem with check.m4.
Documentation updates.

Mon Apr 15, 2002: Released Check 0.8.2

Added version information to headers and library. Added an autoconf
macro to easily integrate check into projects that use autoconf.

Removed limitations on line number, message and buffer sizes.

Declared constant string parameters as const.

Sat Mar 2, 2002: Released Check 0.8.1

Changed license to LGPL.

Fixed bug in running checked setup in nofork mode.

Wed Oct 24, 2001: Released Check 0.8.0

Support running in a nofork mode. Defined a checked fixture as well as
an unchecked fixture, support failing in checked and uncheck fixture
functions, and errors in checked fixture functions. Rewrote the
back-end to use pipes, rather than message queues.

Reimplemented printing functions in terms of string formatting
functions, to allow better testing of output without full end-to-end

Renamed some public constants to use the CK_ naming convention. This
will break existing test programs.

Documented the new features, and changed the distribution to include
sgml and html files, as well as lyx files, as many people don't have

Thu Aug 23, 2001: Released Check 0.7.3

Fixed the Autoconf Lyx check in acinclude.m4 so that configure works
on Solaris systems (and hopefully others), and cleaned up a minor
problem in Debian packaging.

Fri Aug 17, 2001: Released Check 0.7.2

Automated RPM packaging, and included debian packaging. The makefiles
now has an rpm target (the RPMFLAGS variable can be set to add
additional flags to RPM). Debian packages are built the ordinary way

Moved the example*.* files to tutorial*.*, since the docs really are
tutorials. Beefed up the tutorial docs to add clarity to the behavior
of fixture setup/teardown (based on a helpful critique by Fred Drake),
and to document the static nature of unit tests demanded by the bug
fix below.

Many bugfixes: added -Wall to the CCFLAGS for gcc, and fixed a mess of
warnings that resulted. Changed a bizarre naming mismatch in
tcase_set_fixture (masked by the lack of compile warnings), and made
unit tests static (both bugfixes suggested by Fred Drake). Also added
a more sophisticated test of Lyx to (hopefully) ensure that Lyx
supports linuxdoc (but it's not clear to me how to test that for

Wed Jul 30, 2001: Released Check 0.7.1

Reorganized printing and logging functions to allow for a less
primitive logging function. Logging is now documented in the tutorial

Wed Jul 11, 2001: Released Check 0.7.0

Included a primitive logging function (at the moment, it only prints a
copy of the CRVERBOSE output to the log file), added the ability for
an SRunner to run multiple suites (and reorganized the Check tests to
take advantage of that), and added the magic to allow Check to be used
with C++.

Also added Doxygen markup to the header file, but I'm not terribly
satisfied withe clarity of the output. I may switch to CWEB... Next
release should include API docs and improved logging, if nothing else
comes up...

Wed Jun 27, 2001: Released Check 0.6.1

Bug fix for srunner_failures (bad version actually returned all
results), added srunner_results to do what srunner_failures used to
do, and added corrected unit tests for both.

Also changed the API for reporting the number of failed tests from
srunner_nfailed to srunner_ntests_failed, to harmonized better with
new function srunner_ntests_run. This unfortunately may break some
unit tests slightly -- that's why the major release number is 0 :-)

Thu Jun 21, 2001: Released Check 0.6.0

Features improved unit test reporting options, more complete unit
tests, and end-to-end test, and a full API into TestResults

Check 0.5.2
Minor edits
Check 0.5.1
GPL compliance release
Check 0.5.0
Initial public release