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2010-04-08  Micah Cowan  <>

	* Determine at configure time, how many
	backslashes are needed in the second argument to Awk's built-in
	"gsub" function in order to generate two backslashes.

	* checkmk/ Replaced POSIX character-classes
	with (roughly) equivalent character groups from pre-POSIX
	syntax, to support pre-POSIX awk implementations.
	(string_encode): Use configure-substituted AWK_GSUB_DBL_BSLASH
	to determine how to substitute a doubled backslash in gsub.

2010-04-03  Micah Cowan  <>

	* checkmk/*: Added Awk program "checkmk", for eliminating
	boilerplate work when writing unit test modules. Includes
	documentation and tests.

	* (SUBDIRS): Added checkmk.

	* Added extra awk-detection logic for checkmk.

	* NEWS: Updated with news about checkmk.

	* AUTHORS (Patches): Added myself.

2010-02-17  Jose E. Marchesi  <>

	* tests/check_check_selective.c (make_selective_suite): New
	(selective_setup): New function.
	(selective_teardown): New function.
	New tests 'test_srunner_run_run_all, 'test_srunner_run_suite',
	'test_srunner_run_no_suite', test_srunner_run_tcase',
	'test_srunner_no_tcase', 'test_srunner_suite_tcase',
	'test_srunner_suite_no_tcase', 'test_srunner_run_suite_env',
	'test_srunner_run_no_suite_env', 'test_srunner_run_tcase_env',
	'test_srunner_run_no_tcase_env', 'test_srunner_suite_tcase_env',

	* tests/ (check_check_SOURCES): Add

	* tests/check_check_selective.c: New file.

	* tests/check_check_main.c (main): Add the selective_suite to the
	master suite.

2010-02-10  Jose E. Marchesi  <>

	* doc/check.texi (SRunner Output): Document 'srunner_run' and the
	usage of CK_RUN_CASE and CK_RUN_SUITE environment variables.

	* src/check_run.c (srunner_run): Use values of environment
	variables CK_RUN_CASE and CK_RUN_SUITE.

2010-02-02  Jose E. Marchesi  <>

	* src/check.c (suite_tcase): New function that determines whether
	a a given test suite contains a test case named after a given

	* src/check_run.c (srunner_run): New function, renamed from
	'srunner_run_all', allowing selective running of an specific test
	suite and/or test case.
	(srunner_run_all): New function, invoking srunner_run internally
	to provide backwards compatibility.

	* src/ Add prototype for srunner_run.

2005-12-16 hugo303

	* src/check_pack.c: Fixed buggy eprintf string.

2005-10-31 hugo303

	* src/check_list.c, tests/check_list.c, tests/check_check_fixture.c:
	Fixed sourceforge bug #1327225, Two teardown checked fixtures
	segfaults. Originated in a pointer arithmetic bug in a memmove()
	call in list_add_front() in src/check_list.c.

2005-09-30 hugo303

	* doc/tutorial.sgml: Updated with a section about looping tests.

2005-09-30 hugo303

	* src/check.c, src/, src/check_impl.h, src/check_print.c,
	src/check_run.c, src/check_str.c, tests/,
	tests/check_check_fixture.c, tests/check_check_master.c,
	tests/ex_xml_output.c, tests/, tests/,
	Added a new kind of test, looping tests, which are called with a new
	context for each loop iteration. This makes them ideal for table based
	tests. Previously, with the loop in the test itself, only the first
	error was caught and then the test would exit. Now all errors are
	shown at once which should help in debugging.

2005-09-15 hugo303

	*, tests/check_check_sub.c, tests/check_check.h,
	tests/check_check_master.c, tests/
	Added possibility to turn off timeout tests through configure option

2005-09-15 hugo303

	* src/ Improved coverage analysis by running all tests
	before compiling result. Added gcc3.3 coverage bug workaround.
2005-09-15 hugo303

	* tests/check_check_sub.c, tests/check_check_master.c:
	Added testing of timeout set through environment variable.

2005-09-07 hugo303

	*, src/, tests/ Added gcov/lcov 
	support. Enable with ' --enable-gcov'.
	Run with 'cd src && make lcov'.

2005-08-30 hugo303

	* debian/README.Debian, debian/compat, debian/docs,
	debian/example_makefile, debian/examples, debian/watch:
	Added new debian files, missed in the checkin of the debian patch.
2005-08-30 hugo303

	* NEWS: Checked in forgotten updated NEWS file.

2005-08-22 hugo303

	* debian/changelog, debian/check.doc-base.tut, debian/,
	debian/check.postinst.debhelper, debian/check.prerm.debhelper,
	debian/control, debian/copyright, debian/dirs, debian/rules:

	Applied patch for debian files received from check debian
	maintainer Robert Lemmen.

2005-08-22 hugo303

	* src/ Added include of stddef.h for NULL definition

2005-08-22 hugo303

	* doc/tutorial.sgml: Fixed sourceforge bug #1216502

2005-07-19 hugo303

	* tests/check_check_master.c, tests/check_check_msg.c,
	tests/check_check_sub.c, src/check.c, src/,
	src/check_msg.c, src/check_msg.h, src/check_run.c:
	Refactored messaging to use the new tmpfile() method all the way,
	removing the message keys, pipes, pipe entries and pipe list. This
	makes the messaging work with forking tests, and also with threading
	tests on linux 2.4 (on 2.6 it already worked). Added check_fork and
	check_waitpid_and_exit to be used for forking tests.

2005-05-26 hugo303

	* debian/ Removed 'files' file from DIST

2005-03-29 hugo303

	* src/ Fixed compatibility with gcc 2.95.3 according
	to sourceforge patch #1161654.

2005-03-02 hugo303

	* src/ Added define for NULL if needed.

2005-03-01 hugo303

	* src/check_run.c, tests/check_check_master.c: Changed timeout
	error message according to sourceforge feature request #1121452.

2005-02-28 hugo303

	* debian/files: Removed this auto generated file.

2005-02-28 hugo303

	* rpm/ Added patch for x86_64 arch (fc3).

2005-02-28 hugo303

	* tests/ex_xml_output.c, tests/ex_log_output.c, tests/ex_output.c,
	  Fixed memory leaks.

2005-01-04 hugo303

	* check.m4,,, src/check_pack.c: Fixed
	quoting and added configure test for stdint.h.

2005-01-04 hugo303

        * tests/check_check_master.c: Made failure messages more helpful.

2004-11-12 hugo303

	* debian/check.dirs, debian/control, debian/rules: Fixed building
	with gcc3. Removed empty money dir from docs.

2004-11-10 hugo303

	*, rpm/, rpm/ Fixed so
	distributions build without trouble.

2004-11-09 hugo303

	* src/check_run.c, tests/check_check_master.c: Use strsignal
	to print describing text for signals.

2004-11-09 hugo303

	* doc/tutorial.sgml: Documented signals handling and timeouts.

2004-11-09 hugo303

	* tests/check_check_master.c src/
	Changed failure message for fail_if.

2004-11-09 hugo303

	* src/check.c, src/, src/check_impl.h, src/check_run.c,
	tests/check_check_master.c, tests/check_check_sub.c:
	Added support for timeouts on tests, enabling detection of
	eternal loops as errors.

2004-11-08 hugo303

	* src/check.c, src/, src/check_impl.h, src/check_run.c,
	tests/check_check_master.c, tests/check_check_sub.c:
	Added support for testing on expected signals. Implementation
	courtesy of Lucas Di Pentima and Cesar Ballardini. Also cleaned
	up the test verification to simplify merging of new tests.

2004-11-04 hugo303

        * src/check.c, src/check_list.c, src/check_list.h, src/check_log.c,
	src/check_msg.c, tests/check_list.c:
	Changed name on function list_create to check_list_create to avoid
	name clash.

2004-11-04 hugo303

	* src/check.c, src/, tests/check_check_master.c,
	tests/check_check_sub.c: Applied ANSI C99 patch (#1047014)

2004-08-20 hugo303

	* doc/tutorial.sgml: Updated with new features.

2004-08-18 hugo303

	* src/check.c, src/, src/check_impl.h, src/check_log.c,
	src/check_log.h, src/check_print.c, src/check_print.h,
	src/check_run.c, tests/, tests/check_check_log.c,
	tests/ex_xml_output.c, tests/
	Added support for XML output of the test results, courtesy of
	Frederic Peters.

2004-08-18 hugo303

	* src/check_run.c, tests/check_check_fixture.c: Fixed setup bug
	from forum, failure in setup did not abort test in nofork mode.
	Added test cases for bug.

2004-08-17 hugo303

	* src/check_pack.c: Use stdint.h for specific sized type.
	* src/check.c, src/, tests/check_check_master.c,
	tests/check_check_sub.c, ChangeLog
	Applied varargs patch (#933411) and added test cases.
	* src/ tests/check_check_master.c tests/check_check_sub.c:
	Applied fail_if (#709167) patch.

2004-08-16 hugo303

	* doc/tutorial.sgml: Applied 'newbies' patch #995028 for autoconf doc.
	* rpm/ Applied doc patch #995028 from Bill Barnard.

2004-06-04 hugo303

	* tests/: Fixed portability
	problem by changing == to =.

2004-05-26 hugo303

	* rpm/ Changed copyright.

2004-05-25 hugo303

        * src/check_run.c: Applied patch 796705. Replacing _exit with exit.

2004-05-25 hugo303

	* src/check.c tests/check_check_master.c tests/check_check_sub.c:
	Applied patch for bug 793671.

2004-05-17 10:44 hugo303

	* Released 0.9.0. See NEWS file for changes.

2002-10-16 13:47  neo23

	* AUTHORS, ChangeLog, Bumped version number to 0.8.4.
	Updated AUTHORS and ChangeLog.

2002-10-16 13:39  neo23

	* src/check_msg.c, tests/check_check_msg.c: Applied a patch from
	Rick Poyner that changes the pipe used for IPC to use a temporary
	file instead of stdin/stdout. This fixes the long-standing problem
	that the pipe used to fill up when too many fail_unless() were
	used. (#482012).

2002-10-09 18:57  neo23

	* src/ Applied a patch from Rick Poyner that fixes a
	typo which broke check for C++ compilers (bug #601397).

2002-08-16 19:41  neo23

	* src/: check.c, check_msg.c, check_msg.h, check_pack.c,
	check_pack.h: Applied a patch from Dietmar Petras <>
	that plugs some memory leaks.

2002-07-10 04:37  neo23

	* .cvsignore, Call aclocal from

2002-07-10 04:32  neo23

	* aclocal.m4, depcomp, install-sh, missing, mkinstalldirs: Removed
	files generated by automake.

2002-06-16 14:25  neo23

	* debian/changelog: applied patch from Arien Malec to fix build of
	Debian packages

2002-05-24 17:04  neo23

	* ChangeLog: Made 0.8.3 Release.

2002-05-24 17:00  neo23

	* NEWS, doc/tutorial.lyx, rpm/ Added check.m4 to the
	spec file. Updated NEWS. Updated the date of the tutorial.

2002-05-24 16:35  neo23

	* debian/: check.dirs, check.files, control: Added check.m4 to
	debian rules. Changed the maintainer entry.

2002-05-23 17:08  neo23

	* doc/tutorial.lyx: Mention that EXIT_SUCCESS and EXIT_FAILURE are
	defined in stdlib.h.  Suggested by Russell Reed in bug #547129.

2002-05-10 14:01  neo23

	* src/check_msg.c: Declared local functions static (based on a
	patch from Gilgamesh Nootebos).

2002-05-03 13:58  neo23

	* src/, src/check.c, src/check_error.c,
	src/check_list.c, src/check_list.h, src/check_log.c,
	src/check_msg.c, src/check_pack.c, src/check_print.c,
	src/check_run.c, src/check_str.c, src/list.c, src/list.h,
	tests/check_list.c: Renamed list.[ch] to check_list.[ch] for
	consistency.  Include config.h from all over the place, cleaned up

2002-05-02 10:34  neo23

	* src/check_pack.c, tests/check_check_log.c: Removed compiler
	warnings mentioned in bug #547126.

2002-05-02 10:27  neo23

	* src/check_print.c, tests/check_check_msg.c: Don't include
	"error.h" (bug #546175 small cygwin portability problem).

2002-04-16 19:33  neo23

	* doc/tutorial.lyx: Changed date to that of the latest release. 
	Added a name to an internal reference so that we get a working link
	in the generated HTML.

2002-04-15 18:47  neo23

	* check.m4, Fixed check.m4 so that --without-check is
	a valid option to disable check.  Bumped version number to 0.8.3.

2002-04-15 12:58  neo23

	* ChangeLog: Updated ChangeLog.

2002-04-15 12:57  neo23

	* NEWS, README: Made 0.8.2 Release.

2002-04-14 18:59  neo23

	* src/check_msg.c: Applied a patch from Arien that makes the pipe
	nonblocking. This doesn't solve #482012 but makes it more obvious
	what is going wrong if the pipe fills up.

2002-04-12 12:50  neo23

	* doc/tutorial.lyx: Use #include rather than #import (bug #484564).

2002-04-12 12:34  neo23

	* ChangeLog: Updated ChangeLog.

2002-04-12 12:33  neo23

	* AUTHORS, doc/tutorial.lyx: Document the fact that you can now use
	NULL as msg argument for fail_unless().

2002-04-12 11:54  neo23

	*,, src/, src/check.c,
	src/check_impl.h, src/check_magic.h, src/check_msg.c,
	src/check_pack.c, src/check_pack.h, src/check_run.c,
	src/check_str.c, src/check_str.h, tests/,
	tests/check_check_fixture.c, tests/check_check_master.c,
	tests/check_check_msg.c, tests/check_check_pack.c: Removed
	limitations on line number, message and buffer sizes (bug #478233)
	by changing the way we send integers over the pipe. Instead of
	strings, integers are now send as 4 bytes.  This allows the pack
	routine to easily calculate the message size so that we can
	allocate the needed buffer there.  Made a union out of the
	different Msg structs to clean up the internal API. Also introduced
	the internal function ck_strdup_printf(), a simple wrapper around
	sprintf() that allocates enough space to hold the resulting string.

2002-04-10 13:11  neo23

	* AUTHORS, NEWS,, src/check.c, src/,
	src/check_error.c, src/check_error.h, src/check_impl.h,
	src/check_log.c, src/check_msg.c, src/check_msg.h,
	src/check_pack.c, src/check_run.c, src/check_str.c, src/list.c,
	src/list.h, tests/check_check_fixture.c, tests/check_check_fork.c,
	tests/check_check_master.c, tests/check_check_pack.c,
	tests/check_list.c: Applied a slightly modified version of a patch
	from Neil Spring <> that declares strings
	as const where applicable. It also changes our CFLAGS to be much
	stricter and removes the warnings introduced by -Wwrite-strings. 
	This allows building other check tests with -Wwrite-strings without
	heaping gobs of compiler warnings.

2002-03-28 20:12  neo23

	* ChangeLog: Updated ChangeLog.

2002-03-28 19:37  neo23

	* src/check.c, src/, tests/check_check_master.c,
	tests/check_check_sub.c: Allow fail_unless() to be called with a
	NULL msg and substitute a reasonable error message in that case.
	Bail out if NULL is passed to _fail_unless() to avoid possible
	Added a test case that calls fail_unless() with msg=NULL.

2002-03-28 19:19  neo23

	*, README,, check.m4,,
	doc/tutorial.lyx, doc/money/.cvsignore,
	doc/money/, doc/money/aclocal.m4,
	doc/money/, rpm/.cvsignore, rpm/,
	rpm/check.spec, rpm/, src/.cvsignore, src/,
	src/check.c, src/check.h, src/, tests/.cvsignore: Changed to bail out if necessary tools can't be found instead of
	proceeding to the version checks.
	Document use of in README.
	Generate check.spec from to it automatically gets the
	correct version number.
	Generate check.h from and include Check version
	Compile Check version number into the library to allow for runtime
	version checks.
	Added the m4 script check.m4 that allows to easily integrate Check
	into projects using autoconf/automake. It does version checking and
	also assures that header and library versions match.
	Document the use of check.m4 and the AM_PATH_CHECK() macro in the
	tutorial. Adapted example and and added a
	missing .cvsignore file.

2002-03-27 02:21  amalec

	* src/, tests/ Complete CVS cleanup

2002-03-27 02:18  amalec

	* .cvsignore,,,, configure,
	debian/.cvsignore, debian/, doc/.cvsignore,
	doc/, doc/money/, rpm/.cvsignore,
	rpm/, src/.cvsignore, tests/.cvsignore: Cleaned up CVS
	to remove all autofoo generated files, included an
	bootstrap file. Changes at the suggestion of Sven Neumann

2002-03-02 02:42  amalec

	* ChangeLog: Update ChangeLog

2002-03-02 02:42  amalec

	* debian/changelog, debian/files, rpm/check.spec, src/,
	src/, src/check.c, src/check_error.c, src/check_error.h,
	src/check_log.c, src/check_msg.c, src/check_pack.c,
	src/check_run.c, src/check_str.c, src/error.c, src/error.h,
	src/list.c, tests/check_check_fixture.c, tests/check_check_pack.c:
	Moved error.[hc] to check_error.[hc], and fixed bug in running
	checked setup in nofork mode.

2002-02-28 03:02  amalec

	* COPYING, configure,, src/check.c, src/check.h,
	src/check_impl.h, src/check_log.c, src/check_log.h,
	src/check_magic.h, src/check_msg.c, src/check_msg.h,
	src/check_pack.c, src/check_pack.h, src/check_print.c,
	src/check_print.h, src/check_run.c, src/check_str.c,
	src/check_str.h, src/error.c, src/error.h, src/list.c, src/list.h:
	Changed license to LGPL

2001-10-26 01:19  amalec

	* ChangeLog: Update ChangeLog

2001-10-26 01:18  amalec

	* AUTHORS: Update AUTHORS to give credit to key contributors

2001-10-26 01:12  amalec

	* configure, Clarified configuration warning on doc

2001-10-26 00:51  amalec

	* ChangeLog: Updating ChangeLog prior to release

2001-10-26 00:45  amalec

	* src/check_run.c, tests/check_check_pack.c: Fixed some missing
	header includes

2001-10-26 00:25  amalec

	* src/check_pack.c: Fix packing of NULL strings (causing problems
	under Solaris)

2001-10-26 00:17  amalec

	* tests/check_check_pack.c: Minor change to pack tests to ensure
	that tests don't pass accidentally

2001-10-25 02:45  amalec

	* ChangeLog: Updated ChangeLog

2001-10-25 02:44  amalec

	* depcomp: Added new automake file

2001-10-25 02:43  amalec

	* NEWS, doc/index.html, doc/money/check_money.c,
	tests/check_check_sub.c: Added comments on string functions to
	NEWS, cleaned up money example, and fixed a signal unit test so
	that it will pass under cygwin

2001-10-24 19:25  amalec

	*, NEWS, aclocal.m4, configure, debian/,
	debian/changelog, debian/files, doc/, doc/,
	doc/tutorial.lyx, doc/money/, rpm/,
	rpm/check.spec, src/, src/, src/check.h,
	src/check_log.c, src/check_msg.c, src/check_msg.h,
	src/check_print.c, src/check_run.c, tests/,
	tests/, tests/check_check_fixture.c,
	tests/check_check_fork.c, tests/check_check_limit.c,
	tests/check_check_main.c, tests/check_check_master.c,
	tests/check_stress.c, tests/ex_log_output.c, tests/ex_output.c,
	tests/, tests/ Documentation

2001-10-23 01:57  amalec

	* src/check_msg.c, src/check_pack.c, src/check_pack.h,
	tests/check_check_pack.c: Removed old ppunpack, renamed new_*, and
	updated callers

2001-10-23 01:26  amalec

	* src/check_msg.c, src/check_msg.h, src/check_pack.c,
	src/check_run.c, tests/check_check_master.c,
	tests/check_check_msg.c, tests/check_check_pack.c: Moved Check to
	use new internal ppack routine, and fixed a nasty bug

2001-10-20 01:27  amalec

	* src/check_msg.c, src/check_msg.h, src/check_pack.c,
	tests/check_check_msg.c, tests/check_check_pack.c: New version of
	receive_test_result passes unit tests

2001-10-19 20:44  amalec

	* src/check_pack.c, src/check_pack.h, tests/check_check_fixture.c,
	tests/check_check_pack.c: Changed punpack to return test and
	fixture locs to preserve test information when teardown messages
	are sent

2001-10-17 03:15  amalec

	* src/check_run.c, tests/check_check_fixture.c: Checked setup
	passes unit tests

2001-10-13 18:13  amalec

	* src/, src/, src/check.c, src/check_msg.c,
	src/check_msg.h, src/check_run.c, tests/check_check_msg.c: Replace
	previous messaging implementation files with new module

2001-10-13 08:05  amalec

	* src/check.c, src/check.h, src/check_log.c, src/check_msg.c,
	src/check_pack.c, src/check_run.c, src/check_str.c, src/error.c,
	src/error.h, tests/check_check_master.c, tests/,
	tests/ Fully implemented new messaging back-end
	based on pipes

2001-10-10 20:01  amalec

	*, aclocal.m4, configure, debian/,
	doc/, doc/money/, rpm/,
	src/, src/, src/check.c, src/check_impl.h,
	src/check_pack.c, tests/, tests/check_check_msg.c,
	tests/check_check_pack.c: Updated messaging tests to use new

2001-10-04 23:55  amalec

	* src/check.c, src/check.h, src/check_impl.h, src/check_pack.c,
	src/check_pack.h, tests/check_check_pack.c: Completed
	implementation of check_pack

2001-10-02 17:38  amalec

	* doc/index.html, doc/tutorial.lyx, src/,
	src/, src/check.c, src/check.h, src/check_magic.h,
	src/check_msg.h, src/check_pack.c, src/check_pack.h,
	tests/, tests/, tests/check_check.h,
	tests/check_check_fixture.c, tests/check_check_fork.c,
	tests/check_check_limit.c, tests/check_check_main.c,
	tests/check_check_master.c, tests/check_check_msg.c,
	tests/check_check_pack.c: First generation packing code as the
	infrastructure to revising message passing between processes, to
	accomodate context messages

2001-09-28 02:20  amalec

	* src/check.c, src/check.h, src/check_impl.h, src/check_run.c,
	src/list.c, src/list.h, tests/check_check_fixture.c,
	tests/check_check_fork.c, tests/check_check_limit.c,
	tests/check_check_master.c, tests/check_check_msg.c: Added
	framework for support of checked fixture functions

2001-09-27 18:08  amalec

	* src/: check.c, check_run.c: Refactored failure info functions

2001-09-19 02:14  amalec

	* src/check.c, src/check.h, src/check_impl.h, src/check_magic.h,
	src/check_msg.c, src/check_msg.h, src/check_print.c,
	src/check_run.c, src/check_str.c, tests/,
	tests/, tests/check_check.h,
	tests/check_check_fixture.c, tests/check_check_main.c,
	tests/check_check_master.c: Setup failure is working and partially

2001-09-15 01:15  amalec

	* tests/: check_check.h, check_check_fork.c, check_check_main.c:
	Completed implementation of CK_NOFORK

2001-09-08 00:12  amalec

	* src/: check_impl.h, check_msg.c, check_msg.h, check_run.c:
	Implemented nofork mode

2001-09-06 20:10  amalec

	* Doxyfile,, src/check.h, src/check_impl.h,
	src/check_log.c, src/check_log.h, src/check_print.c,
	src/check_print.h, src/check_run.c, tests/,
	tests/, tests/check_check.h, tests/check_check_main.c:
	Added initial control functions to control forking

2001-09-05 18:48  amalec

	* src/check.c, src/check_msg.c, src/check_msg.h, src/check_run.c,
	tests/check_check_msg.c: Completely abstracted the details of
	messaging behind check_msg.c

2001-09-01 02:12  amalec

	* src/: check.c, check_msg.c, check_msg.h, check_run.c: Ensure that
	each subprocesses alloc the correct msg queue

2001-08-30 03:00  amalec

	* src/check.c, src/check.h, src/check_msg.c, src/check_msg.h,
	src/check_run.c, tests/check_check_msg.c: Eliminated passing of
	msqid in unit tests

2001-08-29 02:49  amalec

	* src/check_print.c, src/check_str.c, tests/check_check_limit.c:
	Added test checking running empty suites

2001-08-28 19:06  amalec

	* src/check_magic.h: Moved magic values to separate header

2001-08-28 19:04  amalec

	* src/, src/, src/check.h, src/check_impl.h,
	src/check_print.c, src/check_str.c, src/check_str.h,
	tests/check_check_master.c, tests/check_check_msg.c: Separated
	printing from string formating functions to allow better testing.

2001-08-28 02:18  amalec

	* configure,, src/check_msg.c, src/check_msg.h,
	src/check_run.c, tests/, tests/,
	tests/check_check.h, tests/check_check_main.c,
	tests/check_check_msg.c: Use pid/ppid as message queue key,
	preliminary to removing _msqid from unit test functions

2001-08-23 23:26  amalec

	* ChangeLog: Final ChangeLog for 0.7.3 release

2001-08-23 23:25  amalec

	* NEWS: Document 0.7.3 in NEWS

2001-08-23 23:13  amalec

	* debian/changelog: This time, fix debian changelog correctly

2001-08-23 23:10  amalec

	* debian/changelog: Fixed maintainer email in debian changelog

2001-08-23 01:08  amalec

	* ChangeLog, acinclude.m4, aclocal.m4, configure,,
	debian/changelog, debian/check.doc-base.tut, debian/files,
	rpm/check.spec: Updated acinclude.m4 to increase portability; fixed
	a minor packaging bug in debian doc-base files

2001-08-18 07:28  amalec

	* ChangeLog, doc/index.html: index.html changes

2001-08-18 07:24  amalec


2001-08-18 07:15  amalec

	* Doxyfile, configure,,
	debian/check.postinst.debhelper, debian/check.prerm.debhelper,
	debian/files, doc/, doc/tutorial.lyx, rpm/,
	rpm/, rpm/check.spec, src/check.c, src/check.h,
	src/check_log.c, src/check_msg.c, src/check_print.c,
	src/check_run.c, tests/check_check_log.c,
	tests/check_check_master.c, tests/check_check_msg.c,
	tests/check_list.c, tests/check_stress.c, tests/ex_log_output.c,
	tests/ex_output.c: Bug fixes and assorted cleanup prior to release

2001-08-18 01:16  amalec

	* doc/money/:, Added money example
	Makefiles to CVS

2001-08-18 01:13  amalec

	* doc/:, example.lyx, tutorial.lyx: Moved example.lyx
	to tutorial.lyx

2001-08-16 02:47  amalec

	* acinclude.m4, debian/, debian/,
	debian/ Added leftover stuff in debian directory,

2001-08-16 02:45  amalec

	*,, aclocal.m4, configure,,
	debian/check.doc-base.tut, debian/control, debian/docs,
	doc/, doc/, doc/money/AUTHORS,
	doc/money/COPYING, doc/money/ChangeLog, doc/money/INSTALL,
	doc/money/, doc/money/,
	doc/money/, doc/money/NEWS, doc/money/README,
	doc/money/, doc/money/configure, doc/money/,
	doc/money/, doc/money/,
	rpm/, rpm/check.spec, src/,
	tests/ Added configure check for Lyx with Linuxdoc

2001-08-06 22:45  amalec

	* rpm/ Added rpm/

2001-08-06 22:44  amalec

	*,, configure,,
	debian/changelog, debian/check.dirs, debian/check.files,
	debian/rules, doc/, doc/, doc/index.html,
	doc/money/AUTHORS, doc/money/COPYING, doc/money/ChangeLog,
	doc/money/NEWS, doc/money/README, rpm/check.spec: Can now build
	complete debs

2001-08-04 07:40  amalec

	* debian/README.Debian: Don't need README.Debian

2001-08-04 07:26  amalec

	* debian/README.Debian, debian/changelog, debian/check.dirs,
	debian/check.files, debian/check.postinst.debhelper,
	debian/check.prerm.debhelper, debian/control, debian/copyright,
	debian/dirs, debian/docs, debian/files, debian/rules,
	doc/, doc/index.html: Added preliminary debian packaging

2001-08-03 03:05  amalec

	*,, aclocal.m4, configure,,
	doc/index.html, rpm/, rpm/ Added automatic
	building of RPMs

2001-07-31 18:51  amalec

	* doc/index.html: Update index.html for final release to main Check

2001-07-31 03:08  amalec

	* ChangeLog: Update ChangeLog

2001-07-31 03:08  amalec

	* NEWS, configure,, doc/example.lyx, rpm/,
	rpm/check.spec, tests/, tests/,
	tests/ex_log_output.c, tests/ Update NEWS, docs,
	and rpm building

2001-07-30 22:10  amalec

	* ChangeLog: Update ChangeLog

2001-07-30 22:10  amalec

	* doc/, tests/ex_log_output.c: Add neglected files

2001-07-30 22:08  amalec

	* src/, src/, src/check_impl.h,
	src/check_log.c, src/check_log.h, src/check_print.c,
	src/check_print.h, src/check_run.c, tests/
	Reorganized printing and logging functions and implemented more
	sophisticated logging

2001-07-25 23:26  amalec

	*, aclocal.m4,, configure,
	doc/money/aclocal.m4, doc/money/, doc/money/configure,
	src/, tests/, tests/ Added
	log tests

2001-07-11 22:46  amalec

	* NEWS, README, doc/example.lyx, rpm/check.spec, src/check.h,
	tests/check_check_log.c, tests/check_check_main.c: Updated docs

2001-07-11 01:29  amalec

	* ChangeLog: Update ChangeLog

2001-07-11 01:28  amalec

	* src/, src/check_log.c, tests/check_check.h,
	tests/check_check_log.c, tests/check_check_master.c,
	tests/check_check_sub.c, tests/ Completed testing
	for multiple suite running, and reorganized files

2001-07-11 01:26  amalec

	* src/: check_log.c, check_log.h: Commit file changes

2001-07-11 01:25  amalec

	* src/:, check.h, check_run.c: Moved check_log.h
	functions into check.h

2001-07-10 02:10  amalec

	* ChangeLog: Commit ChangeLog

2001-07-10 02:09  amalec

	* src/check.c, src/check.h, src/check_impl.h, src/check_run.c,
	src/list.h, tests/, tests/,
	tests/check_check.h, tests/check_check_log.c,
	tests/check_check_main.c, tests/check_check_master.c,
	tests/check_check_msg.c, tests/check_check_sub.c,
	tests/check_list.c: Completed test for initial logging feature, and
	added feature to run multiple suites through an SRunner

2001-06-30 03:27  amalec

	* src/, src/check.h, src/check_impl.h, src/check_log.h,
	src/check_run.c, tests/check_check_log.c, tests/
	Restructured printing to allow for logging function

2001-06-29 02:40  amalec

	* src/:, Add check_log.c to

2001-06-29 02:33  amalec

	* tests/:, Complete move of
	check_check_log.c -- this time for real...

2001-06-29 02:31  amalec

	* Doxyfile, src/check_log.h, tests/, tests/
	Complete move of check_check_log.c

2001-06-29 02:30  amalec

	* tests/:, check_check_log.c, check_log.c: Moved
	check_log.c to check_check_log.c

2001-06-29 00:56  amalec

	* doc/money/stamp-h: Removed stamp-h

2001-06-29 00:51  amalec

	* src/check_log.h, tests/check_log.c: Added skeleton files for
	check logging

2001-06-29 00:33  amalec

	* Doxyfile, configure,, src/check.h,
	tests/, tests/ Additional doxygenation of

2001-06-27 20:27  amalec

	* ChangeLog: Updated ChangeLog

2001-06-27 20:25  amalec

	* configure, rpm/check.spec: Updated check.spec

2001-06-27 20:21  amalec

	* ChangeLog: Update ChangeLog

2001-06-27 20:20  amalec

	* NEWS,, doc/example.lyx, doc/money/check_money.c,
	doc/money/configure, doc/money/, src/check.h,
	src/check_run.c, tests/check_check_main.c,
	tests/check_check_master.c, tests/check_check_msg.c,
	tests/check_list.c, tests/check_stress.c: Completed
	srunner_results, and added unit tests; changed srunner_nfailed to
	srunner_ntests_failed and changed documentation.

2001-06-27 00:51  amalec

	* Doxyfile, doc/example.lyx, src/check.h, src/check_run.c,
	tests/, tests/, tests/check_check.c,
	tests/check_check.h, tests/check_check_main.c,
	tests/check_check_master.c, tests/check_check_msg.c,
	tests/check_check_sub.c, tests/check_list.c, tests/check_stress.c:
	Fixed a bug in srunner_failures, fixed a typo in the tutorial
	documentation (thanks to Michael Tucker), and refactored

2001-06-22 03:16  amalec

	* ChangeLog: Update ChangeLog

2001-06-22 03:15  amalec

	* NEWS, doc/, doc/example.lyx, doc/index.html,
	rpm/check.spec, tests/, tests/ Specfile
	changes, updates to NEWS

2001-06-22 02:37  amalec

	* ChangeLog: Update ChangeLog

2001-06-22 02:36  amalec

	* src/check.h, src/check_run.c, tests/,
	tests/, tests/check_check.c, tests/ex_output.c,
	tests/ Changed test output, added end-to-end test,
	and removed redundant field from TestResult struct

2001-06-19 22:01  amalec

	* ChangeLog: Update changelog

2001-06-19 21:59  amalec

	* src/check.h, src/check_run.c, tests/check_check.c: Added
	accessors for TestResult and expanded unit test

2001-06-12 19:29  amalec

	* ChangeLog: Updated ChangeLog

2001-06-12 19:28  amalec

	* configure,, src/check.h, src/check_run.c,
	tests/check_check.c: Added new tests for line number

2001-06-04 19:58  amalec

	* ChangeLog, doc/index.html: Added homepage file in doc directory,
	and updated change log

2001-06-04 19:08  amalec

	* doc/, doc/example.lyx, rpm/check.spec: Cleaned up spec
	file for RPM packaging

2001-06-04 01:50  amalec

	*,, configure,,
	doc/, rpm/check.spec: Added RPM spec file and added
	additional documentation files

2001-06-01 17:46  amalec

	* ChangeLog: Updated ChangeLog

2001-06-01 17:44  amalec

	*, src/, src/check.c, src/check.h,
	src/check_impl.h, src/check_msg.c, src/check_msg.h,
	src/check_run.c, src/error.c, src/error.h, src/list.c, src/list.h,
	tests/ GNUified source files with copyright notice

2001-06-01 17:33  amalec

	* aclocal.m4, configure,, doc/,
	doc/example.lyx: Made building docs conditional on presence of lyx
	and sgml2html

2001-06-01 00:35  amalec

	* ChangeLog: Update ChangeLog

2001-06-01 00:34  amalec

	*, doc/ Modified to include
	docs in dist

2001-06-01 00:26  amalec

	* ChangeLog,,, aclocal.m4, configure,, doc/, src/, tests/
	Added Automake support to create and install documentation

2001-05-31 23:30  amalec

	* doc/money/: config.h, config.log, config.status: Removed unneded

2001-05-31 17:37  amalec

	* ChangeLog, ChangeLogOld: Updated change logs

2001-05-31 17:35  amalec

	* doc/example.lyx: Commit changes to example, get things in synch

2001-05-31 17:32  amalec

	* doc/money/: COPYING, ChangeLog, INSTALL,,, NEWS, README, aclocal.m4, check_money.c, config.h,, config.log, config.status, configure,,
	money.c, money.h, stamp-h, Hopefully finally solved CVS
	problems and commited changes to money example and example.lyx

2001-05-31 01:48  amalec

	* doc/money/AUTHORS: Trying to commit added files...

2001-05-31 01:45  amalec

	* doc/example.lyx: Cleaning up CVS..

2001-05-31 01:37  amalec

	* ChangeLogOld: Trying to update documentation and change log, and
	statisfy CVS...

2001-05-31 01:34  amalec

	* ChangeLog: Refined documentation, and moved old change log
	information to ChangeLogOld

2001-05-31 00:44  amalec

	* doc/example.lyx: Added complete example to accompany

2001-05-30 05:25  amalec

	* Added example and expanded documentation

2001-05-30 00:42  amalec

	INSTALL,, NEWS, aclocal.m4,, configure,, install-sh, missing, mkinstalldirs, src/,
	src/, src/check.c, src/check.h, src/check_impl.h,
	src/check_run.c, doc/example.lyx, src/check_msg.c, src/check_msg.h,
	src/error.c, src/error.h, src/list.c, src/list.h,
	tests/, tests/, tests/check_check.c,
	tests/check_check_msg.c, tests/check_list.c, tests/check_stress.c:
	Initial revision

2001-05-30 00:42  amalec

	INSTALL,, NEWS, aclocal.m4,, configure,, install-sh, missing, mkinstalldirs, src/,
	src/, src/check.c, src/check.h, src/check_impl.h,
	src/check_run.c, doc/example.lyx, src/check_msg.c, src/check_msg.h,
	src/error.c, src/error.h, src/list.c, src/list.h,
	tests/, tests/, tests/check_check.c,
	tests/check_check_msg.c, tests/check_list.c, tests/check_stress.c:
	Import into Sourceforge. Previous CVS version information resides
	on Arien's local machine