This tool allows you to control the volume of individual streams on sound cards
that use hardware mixing, i.e., those based on the following chips:
* Creative Emu10k1 (SoundBlaster Live!) (driver: snd-emu10k1)
* VIA VT823x southbridge (driver: snd-via82xx)
* Yamaha DS-1 (YMF-724/740/744/754) (driver: snd-ymfpci)

This tool requires Python, pygtk, and alsa-pyton 1.0.22 or later.

It is recommended to use at least Linux kernel 2.6.32 or alsa-driver 1.0.22;
otherwise, the name of the program that is using a stream cannot be shown.

Need to use alsa-driver kernel 3.4 for Aureal sound cards
* Aureal Vortex/Vortex2/Advantage (driver: snd-au8820, snd-au8830, snd-au8810)

Author: Clemens Ladisch <>