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Version 1.11 (2011-03-22):
    * Fix ALSA snd_ctl_open error when running with three cards.
    * Fix metering for non-MADI cards
    * Fix labels on H9652
    * Fix preset activation segfault on AES(32)
    * Adjust playback channel count on Multiface
    * Provide headphones out on Multiface/Digiface
    * Update pixmaps
    * Save and restore level meter settings
      WARNING: New mix files cannot be read by older versions of hdspmixers

Version 1.10 (2011-02-24):
    * Add support for RME MADI, RayDAT, AES, AES32 and AIO

Version 1.6 (24/11/2003):
    * Fixes compilation warnings
    * AutoSync sample rate detection scheme changed
    * Fixes default preset 7 for H9632 cards

Version 1.5 (21/11/2003):
    * Added a .desktop file
    * H9632 bug fixes (thanks to Pentti Ala-Vannesluoma)
    * Fixes presets handling for H9632 cards
Version 1.4 (01/11/2003):
    * Adds support for H9632 cards

Version 1.3 (no public release):
    * Adds metering for H9652 cards
    * Stops shipping unused pixmaps
    * Shows stereo relationships in the mixer
    * pixmap directory has been cleaned up 

Version 1.2 (no public release):
    * Fixes a graphical bug for H9652 cards
    * Changes FLTK detection scheme in configure

Version 1.1 (27/07/2003):
    * Fixes a typo for Digiface and H9652 cards in HDSPMixerSelector.cxx
      (caused a crash on startup)
    * Fixes a menu messing bug in Submix handling
    * Fixes FLTK detection in configure
    * Fixes a bug preventing full reset to factory settings

Version 1.0 (27/07/2003):
    * Initial release