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This is sbiload - an OPL2/3 FM instrument loader for ALSA hwdep

Written by Uros Bizjak <>

See the file COPYING for licence details.

Build and install

You should be able to just type 'make'.  All configuration variables
are in make.conf if you need to change anything.

By default it will install into /usr/local/bin, change INSTDIR in
make.conf to change this.


	sbiload [options] [instfile [drumfile]]
	sbiload [options] -c

	  -D, --device=name       - An ALSA hwdep name to use
	  -c, --clear             - Clear patches and exit
	  -2  --opl2              - Two operators (OPL2) file type
	  -4  --opl3              - Four operators (OPL3) file type
	  -P, --path=path         - Specify the patch path
	  -v, --verbose=level     - Verbose level
	  -q, --quiet             - Be quiet, no error/warning messages
          -V, --version           - Show version

When you have multiple sound cards and/or there may be multiple OPL2/3
synth devices, you have to tell sbiload which one to use, and pass its
hwdep name via -D option.  Otherwise, sbiload will load the data onto
the first found device.

To find out the hwdep name of the OPL devices,  check
/proc/asound/hwdep file first.  It has the list of hwdep devices
currently available on your system.

	% cat /proc/asound/hwdep
	00-00: Emux WaveTable
        00-01: OPL3 FM
	01-00: OPL3 FM

In the example above, you have two OPL3 devices.  To the first one
(00-01), which means the first card (00-) and the second device (01),
pass "-D hw:0,1".  For the second OPL3 device (01-00), pass "-D
hw:1,0" instead.

For convenience, -D option accepts a string like /dev/snd/hwC0D3.
This is automatically parsed as "hw:0,3".

Running sbiload

Pass the instrument and drum file data as arguments.

	% sbiload std.o3 drums.o3

Without a file type option (-2 or -4), sbiload will guess the file
type according to the hwdep iface type.  If it's not correct, pass -2
or -4 option explicitly.
Also, when the given file isn't found, sbiload tries to load a file
with an appropriate extension, .sb for OPL2 and .o3 for OPL3.

You can omit the instrument and the drum file names, too.  In this
case, the default file name "std" and "drums" are chosen.

The option -c is to mean just to clear patches and exit without
loading patches.


sbiload includes work from Steve Ratcliffe (pmidi-1.4.1.tar.gz) and
Jaroslav Kysela (alsamod-1999-09-01.tar.gz).

Where to report bugs and feedback

Please report any problems to