mixartloader - Firmware loader for Digigram miXart soundcards
	    Digigram <>


mixartloader is a helper program to load the firmware binaries
onto the Digigram's miXart board sound drivers.
The following modules require this program:
These drivers don't work properly at all until the certain firmwares
are loaded, i.e. no PCM nor mixer devices will appear.


When mixartloader is invoked without options, it will probe all existing
soundcards until a valid miXart-driver is found.  If a valid miXart-driver is
found, mixartloader reads the board type from the driver.  The corresponding
firmware binaries are then read and transferred to the driver.
Finally, mixartloader initializes the PCM and the mixer devices on the
driver for making the soundcard full functional.

Instead of auto-probing, you can specify the card number or the hwdep
device name via -c and -D options, respectively.

	% mixartloader -c 1
	% mixartloader -D hw:0

For loading the firmware automatically after the module is loaded, use
the post-install command.  For example, add the following entry to
/etc/modules.conf for miXart driver:

	post-install snd-mixart /usr/bin/mixartloader


The firmware binaries are installed on /usr/share/alsa/firmware/mixartloader
(or /usr/local/share/alsa/firmware/mixartloader, depending to the prefix
option of configure).  There will be *.conf files, which define the dsp image
files for each different card type.


Copyright (c) 2003 Digigram SA <>
Distributable under GPL.

The firmware files included in alsa-firmware package are copyright
by Digigram SA