This is attempt to make EMU10K1 (EMU10K2) patch loader for ALSA.
This is work in progress. It is not very user friendly.
Loading, unloading, connecting, disconnecting patches works.
It should by able to load identical setup for Audigy as it is in kernel driver.
This dissables AC3 passthrough on SB Live.

ALSA (both alsa-lib and in kernel drivers) version 1.0.7rc1 and higher are required.

There are two parts:
Server - ld10k1 - runing as service - it is storing driver state - it must run
		under root or by setuided
Client - lo10k1 - controls server
and dump loader dl10k1 - loads dumps previously created with lo10k1 & ld10k1.

For options list run 
./ld10k1 -h 
./lo10k1 -h
./dl10k1 -h
and look in doc directory.

ld10k1 will clear card DSP program and you will hear nothing.
You must load some patches to route sound from inputs to outputs (use audigy_init script for
audigy 1, 2 or init_live for sb live).
After loading patch check and set oss mixer emulation through proc file (/proc/asound/card/oss_mixer)

In directory setup are some patches which I use on my Audigy for testing.
With this you will have exactly same mixer as with original driver (+headphone control, not tested 
AudigyDrive inputs and outputs, AC3 passthrought).
Most of them are from emu-tools-0.9.4 package from OSS driver (but not all).
Use as10k1 compiler from alsa-tools package to compile patches.

Peter Zubaj