Emixer is the Linux equivalent of the Echoaudio console application from Echoaudio.
It is a tool to control all the features of any Echoaudio soundcard. This includes
clock sources, input and output gains, mixers, etc.

The interface is quite different than Echoaudio console. There are no pans: you set
the channels gains directly on both mixers and volume controls. Emixer manages
master, PCM and monitors gains separately and it provides emulation of master volume
for cards that don't support it in hardware (all non-Vmixer cards). Furthermore it
has a matrix mixer which is more easy to use than the Echoaudio console interface.

Emixer requires GTK+ 1.2 or GTK+ 2.x.
To build with GTK+-1.2, pass --with-gtk2=no configure option.

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