62670b Rebase to 3.10.1

Authored and Committed by Frantisek Kluknavsky 10 years ago
    Rebase to 3.10.1
    - Dropped x86_64-SSE2, ix86-SSE1, ix86-3DNow, z10, z196 (uncompilable).
    - Modified incompatible patches.
    - Added armv7neon support, modified archdef from softfp abi to hard abi.
    - Modified Make.lib to include build-id, soname, versioned library name and symlinks.
    - Now builds monolithic libsatlas (serial) and libtatlas (threaded)
      libraries with lapack and blas included.
    - Lapack source tarball needed instead of static library.
    - Disabled cpu throttling detection again (sorry, could not work on atlas
      otherwise, feel free to enable yet again - atlas-throttling.patch).
    - Removed mentions of "Fedora" to promote redistribution.
    - Modified parts of atlas.spec sometimes left in place, work still in progress,
      cleanup needed.
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