36809e Update to 3.8.4

Authored and Committed by Deji Akingunola 12 years ago
    Update to 3.8.4
    Apply patch to enable arm build (Patch provided by Jitesh Shah <jiteshs@marvell.com>)
    Stop turning off throttle checking, upstream frown at it (seems O.K. for Koji)
    Use -march=z10 for z196 optimised build because the builder is a z10
    (Christian Bornträger)
    Build the default package for SSE2 and add a SSE3 subpackage on x86_64
    (only on f16 and above)
    Apply patch (and arch defs.) to build on s390 and s390x (Dan Horák)
    Fix-up build on s390 and s390x (Christian Bornträger)
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