08b95f - added changes from review request (#225241)

Authored and Committed by Martin Stransky 16 years ago
1 file changed. 34 lines added. 31 lines removed.
    - added changes from review request (#225241)
    //freshrpms.net/> 1.0.15-0.2.rc2
    - Update License field.
    - Use configdir instead of sysconfdir hacks (cleaner).
    - Remove redundant optflags overriding.
    - Switch to using main "version", and merge "postver" since this is the
        right way of doing things (see NamingGuidelines#NonNumericRelease).
    - Remove static library.
    - Mark all of /etc/alsa as config, but not "noreplace".
    - Remove useless rpath on 64bit archs.
file modified
+34 -31